The Daniel Henry Studio was founded in July 2000 and is a research and development laboratory and a textile producing workshop. It is well known for its innovation, mastery of a cross-section of techniques and its work in transforming materials.  A team of three people work on the design and production of all the projects in a workshop in Tournai in Belgium.

At the heart of the studio’s work ethic lies an underlying commitment to finding innovative design solutions via an artistic process, combining the potential of the fabrics with a mastery of various techniques (whether using traditional methods or modern technology). As a result of this, continual progress is achieved by experimenting. Staying creative, never becoming complacent and keeping an open mind.

During the fifteen years since it was set up, Daniel Henry Studio has worked internationally, with a wide range of applications (textile industry, prêt-à-porter, haute-couture, decoration, wall coverings, costumes, graphic arts). The studio has acquired a high level of expertise in the design and production of unique and original projects.

Daniel Henry, born in 1976

300 m² studio

video portrait by Zipp, 2012